Square Block Accessories

Square Gage Block accessories are made of same steel used to make the gage blocks. Manufactured in controlled environment to ensure maximum accuracy.
Meets or exceeds the latest Federal Spec ASME B89.1.9-2002
Constructed of a special alloy steel with high carbon and chrome content and hardened to 65 Rc


Item Type Order No. Price
Tie rod 6 to 8" adjustable (Q) GBA2034 $60.50
Tie rod 4 to 6" adjustable. (P) GBA2032 $60.50
Tie rod 3 to 4" adjustable. (O) GBA2030 $60.50
Tie rod 2-1/4" Solid (N) GBA2028 $55.00
Tie rod 1-1/2" Solid (M) GBA2026 $55.00
Tie rod 3/4" Solid (L) GBA2024 $55.00
Slotted nuts (K) One Pair GBA2022 $82.00
Flat head screws short (J) One Pair GBA2020 $82.00
Flat head screws long (I) One Pair GBA2018 $82.00
Studs (H) One Pair GBA2016 $82.00
Knurled screws (G) One Pair GBA2014 $82.00
Base block. (F) GBA2012 $92.65
Center point. (E) GBA2010 $70.65
Scriber point. (D) GBA2008 $70.65
Straight Jaws .500" thick (C) One Pair GBA2006 $137.00
Half-round Jaws .250" radius (B) One Pair GBA2004 $144.00
Half-round Jaws .125" radius (A) One Pair GBA2002 $137.00

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