Star Stylus

These are multi-tip stylus configurations with fixed mounted styli. These can be used to inspect a variety of different features, including surfaces and holes with which direct contact can be made. This configuration gives flexibility, enabling the tip to make contact with features without changing the stylus. You can configure your own star styli using stylus centres to mount up to 5 styli components.

The balls can be made from ruby, silicon nitride or zirconia. Each tip on a star stylus requires datuming in the same manner as a single ball stylus. 

Ball Diameter Ball Material Length Stem Diameter EWL Stem Material Mass Grammes Order No. Price
6.0 mm Ruby 50 mm 4.5 mm 38.5 Ceramic 6.0 A-5000-7098 $89.00
6.0 mm Ruby 100 mm 4.5 mm 88.5 Ceramic 7.5 A-5000-6462 $94.00

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