CMM Stylus and Accessories

To find the right styli or accessory for your machine click on the links below.  To maintain accuracy at the point of contact styli manufacturers recommend you:

  • Keep the Styli Short – the more it bends or deflects, the lower the accuracy
  • Minimize Joints -  when you join or extend styli you introduce potential bending and deflection points
  • Keep the ball as large as possible
    • It maximizes your clearance thereby reducing the chances for false triggers
    • A larger ball reduces the effect of the surface finish of the component being inspected

Still unsure about which styli to chose?
Read this blog Styli - One Size Doesn't Fit All by our Vice President or
this article on
The Range of Styli by Renishaw.     


Stylus for Faro Arms

These styli have been designed especially for use on Faro portable arm CMMs. Their robust design and construction utilizes Grade 5 Zirconia balls that have a high fracture toughness. The balls are bonded to the high strength tungsten carbide stem with impact resistant adhesive, and specialist construction techniques have been incorporated to ensure that the joint between the body and stem is extremely rigid and virtually indestructible.


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