Upgrades and Retrofits

Upgrading or retrofitting equipment is an easy way to make sure your business has the most up to date equipment without investing in a new machine.  This type of improvement will provide maximum accuracy and capability from your equipment and extend its the life expectancy.

Inspec can upgrade all types of equipment including:

    • Optical Comparators
    • Vision Systems
    • Tool Presetters
    • Scales and Readouts
    • CMMs

              and many others

Solutions include  digital readouts, controllers, scales, software and much more.

We can also provide training sessions to get you up to speed on your new software, group or individual sessions are available. 

Tell us about your equipment and we'll help you decide which upgrade is right for you.

Micro Vu upgrades
What is most important when upgrading your machine?

What is your time frame for upgrading your machine?


Micro-Vu Corporation designs and manufactures a broad line of measuring machines including Automated vision systems, Manual Video Systems, and Optical Comparators. These non-contact and contact measurement systems use video and touch probe inputs to perform high precision 2D and 3D measurements.