Hand tools can break, it happens or sometimes they just wear out.  Either way let Inspec help you diagnose the problem and get it fixed as quickly as possible.  Our on-site lab can repair most hand tools and if we can’t fix it, we’ll try to help you find someone who can.  If it’s beyond repair, we can also help you get a new one.

 Want to see what it takes to repair an indicator?
Check out our NEW gage repair video below and
watch as he goes through each step:

  1. Initial Inspection

  2. Complete Disassembly to Individual Components

  3. Repair and Cleaning

  4. Reassembly

  5. Return to Factory Specifications (specs)

  6. Accuracy Test of the Dial Indicator

  7. Entry into InspecGAGE, gauge tracking software

  8. Final Inspection

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