Granite surface plates are the foundation for accurate measurements in inspection rooms, laboratories and other types of industrial settings.  They provide an accurate reference surface from which final dimensions are taken.

By making a small investment, your plate should last for many years. Environment, usage and required accuracy will help determine your calibration frequency but when you're ready Inspec will calibrate your plates to it's grade specifications.  

Our calibration process includes thorough cleaning, computerized calibration using electronic levels and a certificate of calibration.  If the plate is out of tolerance, Inspec can resurface it using a lapping process with fine diamond compounds.

Inspec can also drill for threaded inserts and even move plates to a new location.


Tech Tips for Extending Plate Life

  • Keep the plate clean and covered when not in use, dust and other airborne particles can cause wear on the plate
  • Don't use just one area of the plate, rotate it if needed, to even out usage
  • Avoid setting food or soft drinks on the plate, many soft drinks contain either carbonic or phosphoric acid which can dissolve softer minerals and leave small pits in the surface.
Surface Plate Grades

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