Why upgrade or retrofit your machine?  You may not have the budget for a new machine and in many cases there really isn’t a need.  Many of the older machines are solid workhorses but just need a little updating.  We can repair, retrofit or upgrade most large metrology equipment.  Our services include:

Equipment Repair
CMM Upgrades
  • PH20
  • PH10 upgrades
  • Controller upgrades
  • Software
Optical Comparator Upgrades
  • Lens upgrades
  • Digital readouts
  • PC software upgrades
  • Bulbs, sockets, mics, parts

Hardness Tester Upgrades
  • Calibration
  • Accessories
Surface Plate Improvements
  • We lap plates
  • Granite / Ceramic repairs
  • Craftsman/Artisan – over 19 years’ experience

Single Axis Length Measuring Machine Upgrades

Vision System Upgrades
  • Lens Upgrades
  • Digital readouts


In order for Inspec to best assist you in your machine retrofit or upgrade
please complete the corresponding form below with as much information as possible. 
A team members will be in touch to discuss your machine and the options available

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