The NEW QUADRA-CHEK 2000 evaluation unit
is prefect for use with measuring machines, profile projectors, and measuring microscopes with up to three axes. Two-dimensional contour features can be measured quickly, simply, and precisely using innovative measuring tools including the “Measure Magic” function and predefined geometries (e.g., point, line, circle, slot, and rectangle). 

Results can be saved in a measurement report individually formatted as a PDF or CSV file or printed from a connected printer. The measuring program can also automatically record repetitive parts and then execute them again.

The QUADRA-CHEK 2000’s range of functions can be adapted to specific requirements via software options. The high-resolution, 7-inch color flat-panel display presents all needed information in a quickly understandable and clearly structured format. The self-explanatory operating controls provide intuitive user guidance. 

QUADRA CHEK 2000 Product Information PDF

QUADRA CHEK 2000 Comparison Product Information

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