Inspection using a Laser Tracker!

- High Precision and Accuracy for Large Scale Projects
- Continuous Measurement
- Part and Assembly Inspection,Tool Die and Mold Building
and more!

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Inspec's technicians have inspection experience including online and offline programming,
CAD software and many others.  Combine that with our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified
climate controlled lab and Inspec can handle just about any inspection job.  
From fixture gage certification to CMM inspection and reverse engineering,
Inspec is your one stop for all of your inspection needs.

     When starting a measurement project which equipment should you use,
a Vision System or a CMM?  

These four questions in our blog will help you decide. 
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Laser trackers are ideal solutions for industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, metalworking, machining and assembly to name just a few.  They provide real-time measurement during assembly confirms tolerances and improves quality control.  Produce digital record of actual versus nominal data to validate conformance to quality requirements and acquire precise digital measurement data on parts or assemblies for which blueprints or CAD drawings do not exist.

The documented process of ensuring a test method is suitable for its intended use is known as test method validation. It involves establishing the performance characteristics and limitations of a method and the identification of influences which may change those characteristics as well as verifying that the process meets the requirements of the test.  It’s a very important element of quality control and our inspection department can help you make sure you’re getting it right. Whether you need assistance writing the instructions, executing them, or both, Inspec can help. 

Inspec will write your part programs with the end user in mind, utilizing high-level techniques for optimum measuring, while maintaining a user-friendly environment with emphasis on simplicity in setup and execution. Inspec will also ensure that our part programming meets the requirements of your industry standards. We focus on helping our customers make their process efficient and effective, to maximize the benefits of their CMM.

Give us your parts and prints and we’ll give you the data. Inspec can provide inspection of parts to ensure compliance with blueprint and/or CAD model and a dimensional report. We can also provide graphical roadmaps of all inspected features.

Which one of these is not like the others? Letting us know the specifications for your parts, we will measure them and accurately inform you they meet your criteria. This will reduce production time of parts that do not meet requirements.

Our metrology leaders can conduct a process capability study to determine the extent to which your process can meet your expectations.

Measurement system studies are performed in virtually every type of manufacturing industry to properly monitor and improve a production process, they provide separate estimates of repeatability and reproducibility. Gage R&R studies are a critical part of a successful process control system. Inspec will design an R&R study to help you maximize you gaging accuracy.

This third party service will accurately measure your fixture/gage to ensure that it meets your standards. Whether your certification needs are on time, monthly or annually, Inspec is here to help.

Our lab is capable of measuring hardness to most of the the Rockwell scales.

Non-contact scanners can be used to match current component measurements to existing CAD data, or reverse engineer a component to produce an accurate CAD model at current production.

Not quite sure how that new program works? Let us help you figure it out. Inspec can provide trained technicians to help you understand your metrology software and ensure you’re getting the best possible results.

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Probe inspection
laser scanning
Equipment Inspection
Inspection with optical comparator