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Measurement + Inspection = Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving  We all know measurement and inspection play a vital role in manufacturing, but did you know these and similar skills are equally important when preparing for Thanksgiving?  Here are ten tips to make sure your Thanksgiving is smooth, without the use of a surface finish tool….

  1. Take oven measurements before buying your turkey to ensure a good fit
  2. Once you know how much space the turkey will take, calculate how much room is left for the stuffing and other sides
  3. Make sure your oven is calibrated properly by testing it with a thermometer the week before
  4. When preparing your turkey be sure to inspect if for feathers
  5. Measure 24” to 30” per place setting to ensure your guests will be comfortable
  6. The drop of the tablecloth should measure between 6” and 12”
  7. Inspect the cutlery, dishes and glasses to make sure they are clean
  8. If you’re having wine, measure your wine glasses.The standard wine serving is 5-6 ounces and it’s recommended to allow 2 glasses of wine per person for the meal.
  9. Use this formula to calculate how much wine you’ll need…
    1. Number of guests x 2 = glasses
    2. Number of glasses x 6 = total ounces
    3. Ounces divided by 24 = bottles
  10. Be sure to inspect the ball for air loss when playing your annual family football game

BONUS - Don’t measure your waist at any point during the day!

For inspection, calibration and measurement turnkey (not turkey) solutions for your workplace visit our website or give us a call.

If you have other measurement and calibration tips for any holiday that you’d like to share, please comment on this post and we’ll include them in a future newsletter.

The entire team here at Inspec wishes you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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